What is C2A?

C2A is a machine to catch/attract attention and is very fast and effective. It feels it has to be that way because today’s consumer, who had to turn into an advertisement freak, gives only 2 seconds to the even the most appealing ads. You catch them in those seconds or bye bye…

C2A is a term in marketing, namely Call to Action (we don’t say you don’t know the meaning, at all), it is important, effective and necessary; we can even say that Call to Action is the Fatih Terim of marketing. When done correctly with the correct proportion, it serves your purposes; it makes you sell; makes you a lot of money and caresses you sweetly…

C2A is an advertisement and integrated marketing communications body, which has the capacity, power and determination to provide you with the development and execution of any sort of TVC or film idea, brochure, ad, distribution of flyers from a helicopter, viral and whatever you may think of in terms of mass communication (think of anything now… yes, they can do it).

And what the hell is Netfork then?

Netfork is the reflection of C2A in digital media; true to its name, this marvelous play-of-words-agency represents you very well in social media (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Pinterest etc.). It never causes any harm on your name or your brand; it creates all sorts of projects for you to make the most of this medium (and of course to earn a living). And if you are brave and not afraid of the spirit of the day, plus, if you have overcome the fairy tale of spending money on advertisement is a burden, you can walk a long way with Netfork; they will make you successful…

C2A/Netfork also is in the Internet business. It creates all sorts of Internet projects; develops the idea first, writes and draws, tells you in details very clearly… You’ll say, “But what about all the things you said above?” but is it really possible to think without the Internet today? Are you not on the Internet now?

How many people are they?

They are pretty crowded as if they were bred there. I did not count one by one but I can tell they are around 60. Although this many people increase the decibel level a bit, in general, it leads to very positive results in terms of doing business, creating ideas and partying.

Where are they, what’s their base like?

I say check out the pictures and skip this representative method. They have a pretty great environment with a beautiful Bosphorus view, a nice garden and frequent barbecues. People who see their base may wonder if they are working or having fun all the time but it looks like they have come up with various ways to combine both…

What have they achieved?

Look at their works collectively; they have done a lot so far. The ones exhibited here are the top of the iceberg only but what’s important is that they are very hard working and productive. What counts is whether or not there is a spark, a sign of genius, an evolution… When you add a teaspoonful of creativity to the formula, you get a great structure, which will carry your goods and services, brand, name into a different level where you will also have a good time.

How do they work?


If you are wondering about the persons one by one...

This is of course teamwork but in today’s world where the ‘auteur’ notion is still very valid, we wanted to list the people one by one. You may get bored from this point on; I do not take responsibility.

What kind of people are they?

The mirror has two faces. While they do their work with the care of an ant, they know hot to take joy from it as a grasshopper. Plus, they are creating great ideas by combining the two. Their visual talent is to the extent that would turn Andy Warhol upside down in his grave. And, man oh man, our writers. They have the power of 5 Bukowskis when it comes to drama and 10 İbrahim Erkals when it comes to humor (yes, if you are a foreigner who does not know him, you will not understand the joke, sorry!). Their client services department consists of the nicest girls, who work with great care to details (incidents have been reported where they have given revisions to döner at lunch). On top of all this, they have such a creative director who has the sweetest and most modest character and is smart, intelligent and creative (ask him the meaning of capacitor and he will tell you. Yes, it is to that extent!).

How can you reach them?

First things first; we would love to welcome you at our office at any time you’d like. We’d drink coffee and have a warm conversation. In all modesty, we are not bad at all at conversing. If you are busy to the extent where you are not able to get up from your desk, we have Internet service, too. Simply email us at info@c2a.com.tr. If you prefer a more organic communication, just dial the numbers 0 212 213 47 47 one after the other and you will be hearing a sweet voice on the other side of the phone. Follow that sweet voice and there we are.

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